We collaborate with our client partners to develop projects and programs that have a sustained positive impact. 


Our Mission

The Keystone Concept enhances community and the environment through planning, partnership and strategic program delivery.


Organizations and communities attain long-term success through effective stewardship of their people and resources.

The Keystone Concept builds lasting relationships with our partners in order to contribute to a better community and environment.  Through a partnership with our clients, we provide a valued service founded in sustainable strategies that fit our clients' unique situation.

Guiding Principles


Committed partnerships are essential to ensure an organization's success, both now and into the future.  We believe that these partnerships enrich the connection within the community where we live and work.  The Keystone Concept is dedicated to our community and industry, helping our clients weave a strong network of partnerships that allows their organization to grow and thrive.

Be Strategic

In order to continually evaluate, enhance and improve an organization it is essential to be strategic.  The Keystone Concept provides a strategic perspective for our clients, helping to overcome challenges, recognize opportunities and secure resources to build highly impactful projects and programs. 

Local Solutions

Sustainable solutions must have a strong community investment and commitment to last over time.  The Keystone Concept spends time developing a relationship with our client partners and together building and executing a plan for long-term success.  The key to our success is developing a plan that is born locally and can grow locally to produce a bright and sustainable future.  

Leadership to attain Sustainability

The key to a sustainable future lies in long-term commitment to maintaining and enhancing quality of life for the people and communities we serve.  With local commitment and leadership, a healthy and sustainable lifestyle is possible for any size community or organization in any location.  Through a collaborative partnership, The Keystone Concept facilitates effective leadership, resulting in development of a bright and sustainable future for our client partners.