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Current Projects


Colorado Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Project

Your Ash Is On The Line!


Client Partner

Colorado State Forest Service

Consultant Team

The Keystone Concept provides stakeholder collaboration and facilitation in partnership with: Davey Resource Group and The Davey Institute.

Project Description

This project is building a Colorado Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Collaborative that will become the platform for Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) and stakeholders across Colorado’s Front Range to deal with the impacts of EAB in their communities. We are collaborating CSFS, the EAB Response Team and over 40 different communities, agencies and industry leaders to build resources to manage the impacts of EAB on local communities and their economies. Project deliverables will include: An EAB collaborative partnership and web platform (including #YourAshIsOnTheLine social media engagement), 20 Front Range community ash tree inventories, a regional EAB Management Plan and Toolkit, Ash Wood Utilization Workshops.


  • In September 2019 we hosted a Project Kick-off with stakeholders during the Rocky Mountain Chapter ISA Conference in Westminster, CO.

  • We are currently beginning community tree inventories and developing the project website. Stay tuned here for more information as the project develops.

King Conservation District

Urban Forestry and Stormwater Project

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 2.31.52 PM.png

client partner

King Conservation District

Consultant team

The Keystone Concept provides project management and facilitates stakeholder engagement in collaboration with: Terra Firma Consulting, Plan-It Geo and Herrera

Project Description

This project is conducting a regional stormwater analysis of four pilot communities (Snohomish, Kirkland, Kent and Tacoma) within King and Snohomish Counties. The analysis will evaluate the accuracy and efficacy of the role the urban forest plays in stormwater mitigation in the Puget Sound Region of Western Washington State. This analysis includes collaboration with a diverse stakeholder team of over 30 public agencies and non-profit organizations who will inform the analysis and development of key project outputs. The outputs from this project will foster greater adoption of urban forestry solutions benefiting the Puget Sound and its waterways.


Treasure Valley Canopy Network

Client Partner

Idaho Department of Lands

Network partner organizations / collaborators

Cities of Boise, Nampa, Meridian, Eagle and Kuna; Idaho Power Company; Ecosystem Sciences Foundation; St. Luke's Health System; Ada County Highway District (ACHD); Boise Capitol City Development Corporation (CCDC); US Green Building Council - Idaho Chapter; COMPASS (Community Planning Association of SW Idaho)

Project Description

The Keystone Concept provides facilitation and coordination services for the Treasure Valley Canopy Network (Network).  This Network of partners in Idaho's Treasure Valley is working together to enhance awareness of benefits from functional greenspaces within the nine municipalities of this region. Network partners focus on sustainable management and development of green infrastructure resources through use of existing data and tools. We are working together to develop sustainable projects, programs and policies that will enhance quality of life for our communities.


Completed Projects


South Platte Natural Capital Resource Assessment

Client Partners

Colorado State Forest Service, US Forest Service, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Consultant team

The Keystone Concept provided project management and facilitates stakeholder engagement in collaboration with: Ecosystem Sciences Foundation, Plan-It Geo, Earth Economics

Project Description

The South Platte Watershed Natural Capital -- From Mountains to Plains Resource Assessment, also called the South Platte Natural Capital Project, is a collaborative green infrastructure assessment. The Colorado State Forest Service leads this effort with funding from the USDA Forest Service as part of the South Platte Urban Waters Partnership.
The purpose of the South Platte Natural Capital Project is building on existing studies in the South Platte River corridor and watershed to:

  • Create an assessment that maps and evaluates the regional network of green infrastructure. This includes the interconnected network of critical watershed forests, riparian corridors, wetlands, streams, lakes and the river.

  • Prioritize key areas for conservation and restoration based on the economic value of the benefits people obtain from those natural systems, or "ecosystem services," for the South Platte River corridor and watershed.

  • Sustain and enhance the sharing of ideas, data, and resources across organizations and land ownership toward accomplishment of common goals.


South Platte Natural Capital Asset Map and Decision Support Tool


Boise community forestry - Community Forest management plan

Client partner

City of Boise, Parks and Recreation Department

consultant team

The Keystone Concept provided project management and facilitated stakeholder engagement in collaboration with: Ecosystem Sciences and Terra Firma Consulting

Project Description

This collaborative strategic management plan will guide the City of Boise's Community Forestry Program for the next ten years (2016-2026). The strategic planning process was a collaboration with a diverse staff and stakeholder team which included outreach and engagement with the public and city leadership. The resulting plan presents an evaluation of all aspects of the comprehensive community forestry program in a graphically pleasing and easily readable format. In order to facilitate long-term program success, an Implementation Toolkit was developed. Through regular use of the Implementation Toolkit, community forestry staff and stakeholders will exhibit strategic and effective use of public resources, showing leadership and annual progress toward reaching identified goals. The resulting accomplishments, of both the Community Forestry Program and its stakeholders, will play a vital role in maintaining a thriving community forest that contributes to Boise becoming the most livable city in the country.


Boise Community Forestry Strategic Management Plan